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Collaborative Pre-Nuptial Agreements

This article was written by Hance Law Group associate attorney Jonathan James.   In a prior blog article, I discussed how pre-nuptial agreements can help project couples from confusion and rancor in the case of a divorce. While pre-nuptial agreements only require the participation of the two people who are getting married, I strongly advise […]

Cooperative Lawyers vs. Hard Bargainers

As you’re well aware from seeing TV commercials and billboards, some lawyers pride themselves on being extremely aggressive, indicating that they solve legal issues by scaring the other side. There’s a famous Houston lawyer who refers to himself as “The Texas Hammer,” whose motto is, “You have rights – we enforce them with bare knuckles.” […]

Revisiting Conscious Uncoupling: Why It’s Still a Good Idea

Several weeks ago, Gywneth Paltrow and Chris Martin announced that their divorce was official. While I’m far from being a follower of Hollywood gossip, this celebrity divorce story is one that I have been keeping tabs on, and I’m not alone in that.   When they first announced plans to divorce last year, it wasn’t […]

When One Party Wants Collaborative and the Other Doesn’t

As a lawyer who’s been involved in collaborative law from its beginnings in Texas, I have some clients who seek me out specifically because they’re interested in pursuing collaborative law to settle their divorces. And, as someone who’s been a longtime advocate of collaborative law, I welcome those clients and the opportunity to work in […]

Does Collaborative Law Have a Future?

Fifteen years ago this month, I participated in the first-ever collaborative law training in Texas, at a time in which few people knew what collaborative law was. Since then, a large number of couples in Texas, across the nation, and throughout the world have used collaborative law as a means – a much better means […]

How to Avoid Making Mistakes in a High Net Worth Divorce

In my last article, I talked about high net worth divorces and the factors that often make them more complicated than standard divorces. When I work with high net worth clients, I guide them through a process that starts with assessing finances to get a complete picture of what is community property and what is […]

Forgiveness: A Step Toward Settlement

Oftentimes in divorce, one or both spouses feel wronged by the other spouse, and that can result in powerful emotions that get in the way of settling a divorce.   When people are angry, they’re more prone to want to lash out or get back at the people they’re angry with. They’re not particularly eager […]

Arguing Over the Orange

Whenever I start working with a new divorce client – be it for litigation, mediation, or a collaborative divorce, I make sure that we’re both clear on what the client wants from the divorce settlement. More importantly, I seek to make sure that we’re both clear on why he or she wants those particular provisions […]