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Why Do People Really Get Divorced?

This article was written by Hance Law Group principal Larry Hance.   After thirty some odd years as primarily a divorce attorney, enough clients have come through my door on the way to divorce for the emergence of a collective story. “I knew as I was walking down the aisle,” or some version of this […]

The Cost of Being Difficult

This article was written by Hance Law Group associate attorney Beverly Via.   If I could give one piece of advice to someone getting a divorce, it would simply be, “Don’t be difficult.” That’s not to say that you shouldn’t stand up for yourself, or that you should cave in during negotiations. You definitely should […]

Social Media During Divorce Proceedings: Proceed with Caution

This article was written by Hance | Wickham associate attorney Beverly Ward Via.   For many, social media is an important and even essential way to connect with family, friends, and associates. But social media can sometimes be more public, more revealing, and more negative than its users intend it to be – particularly when […]