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Gray Divorces: A Growing Trend

This article was written by Hance Law Group associate attorney Beverly Via.   In recent years, we have seen first-hand a growing trend, referred to as the “gray divorce” phenomenon, involving couples who are at least 50 years of age. According to a Washington Post article from October 2014, divorce for couples over 50 has […]

Pre-Litigation Mediation

This article was written by Hance Law Group principal Larry Hance.   Texas is sometimes a state that marches to its own beat, and that’s certainly the case with mediation. Texas came into mediation fairly late in the game, and it was an option in civil cases before it was adopted for family law. As […]

Limited Scope Services for Post-Divorce

This article was written by Hance Law Group associate attorney Jonathan James.   In my last article, I talked about the limited scope services we provide for divorce. Though divorce is where we concentrate a lot of our family law services, we also do a good deal of work post-divorce. And because of the nature […]

Limited Scope Services for Divorce

This article was written by Hance Law Group associate attorney Jonathan James.   One of the options our firm offers divorcing couples is what we call limited scope services. As you’re aware, divorce runs across a wide spectrum of emotions and situations – some couples might have a very contentious divorce in which they either […]

Cooperative Lawyers vs. Hard Bargainers

As you’re well aware from seeing TV commercials and billboards, some lawyers pride themselves on being extremely aggressive, indicating that they solve legal issues by scaring the other side. There’s a famous Houston lawyer who refers to himself as “The Texas Hammer,” whose motto is, “You have rights – we enforce them with bare knuckles.” […]

Adultery: Is It Really “Good for Divorce Lawyers?”

This article was written by Hance | Wickham associate attorney Jonathan James.   Two weeks ago, reports came out that computer hackers gained access to the database of subscribers to Ashley Madison, the website that caters to married people interested in arranging affairs. There’s been speculation that the hackers would release the 37 million names […]

Dating During Divorce Proceedings: It’s Never A Good Idea

Infidelity is a very common component divorce, and it often makes for a challenging, emotional divorce. And yet, there are a number of people who not only start relationships while they’re in a marriage, but insist on maintaining those relationships while the divorce is still proceeding.   When a client asks me if he/she should […]

How to Decrease the Cost of Your Divorce

In my previous article, I discussed a number of factors that make divorce expensive. When you combine a process that involves lawyers with a highly-emotional life change, in which many people understandably struggle to maintain calm and rational behavior throughout, it’s no wonder that divorce is so costly.     As a lawyer who is both […]