Divorce options


Explore your divorce options here.

Divorce is no longer "one size fits all." Couples today can choose from several different ways of divorcing, depending on their needs. Hance Law Group offers clients expertise and experience in all the major methods of divorce, and fully educates our clients about their options. Increasingly, divorcing individuals are gravitating to more conciliatory, less adversarial approaches like Collaborative Family Law. They believe that the ending of their marriage is painful enough, without the divorce process adding to their distress. When both parties so agree, Hance | Wickham encourages the collaborative process for its record of preserving assets, dignity and relationships. Some divorces, however, can only be resolved through litigation. When that is the case, Hance | Wickham is a formidable presence in the courtroom, arguing powerfully and persuasively for our clients' priorities. Whether your divorce is straightforward or complex, Hance | Wickham will guide you to the right process to reach your goals.


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