Divorce assessment


For a more in-depth initial meeting, Hance Law Group has created a unique Divorce or Family Law Assessment which is of great value to prospective clients in North Texas who are seeking divorce, or having other family law problems. Instead of the traditional "consultation" (which is an option you may still choose), in the initial meeting with our firm, one of our attorneys will spend whatever time it takes with you-normally two to three hours-to understand your circumstances and to be able to give you valuable advice and feedback before you even hire our firm. We believe this initial meeting with an attorney regarding your divorce, is one of the most important meetings you will ever have with an attorney. At the end of the meeting, you will have all of your questions answered and a clear understanding of what your next steps should be. The attorney will explain the law regarding your specific circumstances and give you tips and strategies on how to improve your immediate situation.


You will also walk out with a CD of our attorney's advice to you, so that you will be able to listen to it again (in case you forget something, or were just too nervous to hear everything). You will receive extensive written materials which apply to your situation and which will help you have a better divorce. The materials will also provide an overview of the laws in Texas related to custody, support and property division. If you have children, you will receive a video which helps you in dealing with your children and the impact of the divorce on them. This video was made by two nationally known child psychologists. You can watch this at home, and possibly share this with your spouse, in order to get the divorce off on the right foot, in regard to focus on, and support of, your children. Plan on two to three hours for this meeting


Neither the initial consultation nor the Divorce Assessment obligates you to choose Hance Law Group to represent you. We believe so strongly in educating individuals about divorce that we see this as a service to the community. Well-informed individuals make the best decisions about divorce, and that benefits everyone.


To schedule a consultation, please contact our office at 469.374.9600 or kbailey@hancelaw.com.