Limited scope services


Our attorneys are available to represent you on a limited scope basis, as opposed to a "full-service" basis, in appropriate circumstances.


Full-service representation places the lawyer in charge of the case, with the client involved in only the major aspects of the representation. In limited scope representation, the lawyer is more of a partner, and the extent of the partnership is largely determined by the client's ability to perform and desire to share responsibility. If the client is highly motivated and has the time, background, and ability, he or she can serve as a true partner in the representation, sharing responsibility, and utilizing the lawyer's skills in the most efficient way.


One example of limited scope representation is where the lawyer takes on the role of "coach" for the client who is mediating without lawyers present. Since the lawyer is still considered by most to be the primary resource for legal decision making, many clients are seeking lawyers who are knowledgeable and supportive of Alternate Dispute Resolution procedures, and who are willing to represent them on a limited basis throughout the mediation process. Some parties who go directly to a mediator to work out their family law problems would like to have an attorney to consult with before, during and after mediation to make sure they are making reasonable decisions. This meets the client's goal of controlling their family dispute, but also gives them a level of protection their legal rights. Some clients will only want the lawyer to review the final agreement. Others will want the lawyer to help identify and select the mediator; review and negotiate the terms of the mediation agreement; suggest a proposed agenda for the sessions; review the progress of the sessions; refer to outside forensic experts; have direct contact with the mediator to better explain the client's position; draft the final documents; and generate ancillary closing documents (or only certain of these responsibilities).


Another example is to hire us as "consulting" attorneys where we simply review the parties' agreements, draft the appropriate paperwork accordingly, and complete the final divorce or modification process. Please remember that we can only represent one party in the matter and cannot give legal advice to the other side.


If you are interested in Limited Scope Services, discuss it with us in your initial consultation. The only restriction on the scope of these services that you can choose to have our firm involved in is your, or our, imagination. We will gladly help you determine whether or not this kind of service will meet your needs.


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