Your Lifestyle

From supporting your marriage or living situation with premarital, postmarital or cohabitation agreements to guiding and protecting you through divorce, Hance Law Group offers qualified legal counsel and advocacy for your lifestyle changes. Our attorneys are experienced in high-level litigation and are trained and very supportive of collaborative divorce and mediation.

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Your Business

Privately held business interests, or small business ownership raise issues which many attorneys are not experienced to handle well. Hance Law Group attorneys have that experience and needed knowledge to safeguard everything you’ve worked so hard to achieve in the event of a divorce. These issues include valuation, post-divorce ownership, protecting business partners, and securing a spouse’s future interest in the income or assets of a business when appropriate.

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Your Children

When you’re facing difficult issues regarding a parenting plan for your children, or a full custody battle, you need experienced and highly rated custody lawyers by your side. Our attorneys offer a range of child services, including representing parents or grandparents in custody cases, drafting paperwork for adoption or request of access, and proving or responding to paternity claims.

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Your Retirement

Your retirement is obviously something you’ve worked hard for, and it’s important to maximize retirement value in a divorce. There are important issues regarding how to divide and value retirement which, if you’re not well-informed, could cost you a lot of money and affect your retirement goals.

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Your Future

Every decision you make during a divorce can have a major impact on your future. When a ship heads out across sea, a slight change in direction will result in a huge difference in the destination reached. You should have sound counsel to assure you reach the destination you desire.

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Divorce Should Build Your Future, Not Destroy Your Past.

Dallas Divorce Lawyer

Your lifestyle. Your children. Your business. Your future. Divorce involves many decisions. At Hance Law Group, we help you make choices that best reflect your priorities, and reach the ultimate goals for your divorce, or other family law matter.

At Hance Law Group, we take pride in offering personally focused family law and divorce services that work to achieve your unique best interests. We understand that divorce is a private and personal matter, which is why we look beyond the material aspects of your family legal matters. Our attorneys strive to protect your future goals and priorities while addressing your present legal, financial and emotional needs.

When you need divorce or family law attorneys who will provide real guidance and protection, meet the team at Hance Law Group. To set up your first, fully confidential consultation, contact our office at (469) 374-9600.


Client Reviews

Divorce Lawyers Who Provide Real Guidance and Protection


When you're facing divorce or a difficult family law matter, it's important to consider how it ends. Divorce, as many know, can be all-destructive, ruining present relationships and turning into an emotionally and financially damaging battlefield. At Hance Law Group, it is our mission to minimize your damages when possible by…

Empowering you to take control of your assets, property, and family;
Educating you about your legal options and effective strategies for your situation;
Guiding you toward the right next steps;
Connecting you with a network of professionals who provide excellent ancillary services; and
Maintaining a trusted relationship with other lawyers and judges to positively impact your case.

At our firm, we fully understand that divorce and family law matters are personal and emotional. It's our job to minimize your emotional turmoil and stress while providing positive solutions for your financial, lifestyle, children, and other issues that may arise in the course of your marriage or divorce. With Hance Law Group's mission-driven focus, you can look forward to the future with minimized damages in the present.

Larry Hance


Managing partner Larry Hance has almost 40 years of experience helping clients manage their divorce and family legal issues specializing in high-net-worth and complex divorce.

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Jonathan James

Associate Attorney

Associate Attorney Jonathan James focuses exclusively on family law matters and has extensive expertise in complex property divorces, custody disputes and modifications, pre- and post-marital agreements and high profile divorce cases.

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Bryce Hopson

Associate Attorney

Associate attorney Bryce Hopson is an excellent litigator and negotiator experienced in high-conflict custody and property issues and proactive marriage actions such as pre- and post marital agreements.

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Larry Hance was recently featured as "Attorney of the Month" in Attorney at Law Magazine, the Dallas Edition. Attorney at Law, a national network of local legal trade magazines, covers insights into legal marketing and practice management to private practice attorneys.

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