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Month: November 2014

The Divorce Assessment: A First Meeting with Added Value (Part One of Two)

Nov 25, 2014
Visitors to the website will note that we offer two different approaches to a first meeting. Like many other family law firms, we offer a traditional one-hour meeting (consultation), which...

Misperceptions About Divorce

Nov 21, 2014
When new clients come into our office for the first time, they often come into those meetings with some misunderstandings about divorce. Sometimes, they come from hearing about divorces in...

Stronger, Smarter, and More Resilient: Admirable Lessons about Divorce from MindBodyGreen

Nov 18, 2014
I’ve become a fan of the website MindBodyGreen ever since my wife let me know about it. The website – which also sends out regular content through an online newsletter...

When People Use Divorce to Hurt Each Other

Nov 12, 2014
In an ideal world, couples would come into a divorce ready to negotiate, willing to settle differences in a way that benefit each of them and their children. Unfortunately, we...

Forgiveness: A Step Toward Settlement

Nov 7, 2014
Oftentimes in divorce, one or both spouses feel wronged by the other spouse, and that can result in powerful emotions that get in the way of settling a divorce. When...
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