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Month: December 2014

Common Law Marriages: What They Are (and Aren’t)

Dec 29, 2014
The good news about common law marriage in Texas is that there’s a specific statute that defines what constitutes a common law marriage. And yet, there’s a weakness in the...

How to Avoid Making Mistakes in a High Net Worth Divorce

Dec 19, 2014
In my last article, I talked about high net worth divorces and the factors that often make them more complicated than standard divorces. When I work with high net worth...

High Net Worth Divorces: An Overview

Dec 16, 2014
The simplest definition of a high net worth divorce is a divorce involving a client who has a considerable amount of wealth amassed – generally speaking, this would be someone...

The Assessment: What Our Clients Come Away With (Part Two of Two)

Dec 1, 2014
In my previous article, I talked about our assessment process and how it differs from the traditional first meeting between a person looking to file for divorce and a divorce...
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