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Month: January 2015

The Case of the $975 Million Divorce Settlement Check: To Cash In or Not?

Jan 28, 2015
There’s a fascinating divorce case transpiring with some of our neighbors to the north in Oklahoma, and it’s taken an interesting turn that may set a future precedent in high-net-worth...

New Year, New Beginnings: Why Couples Choose January to Divorce

Jan 23, 2015
In the last few weeks, business at has been quite busy. We’ve been booking twice as many initial consultations as we do during other months, and the great majority of...

Does Collaborative Law Have a Future?

Jan 20, 2015
Fifteen years ago this month, I participated in the first-ever collaborative law training in Texas, at a time in which few people knew what collaborative law was. Since then, a...

How to Protect Yourself From a Common Law Divorce Case

Jan 5, 2015
In my last article, I talked about the statute regulating common law marriage in Texas, and the three things that define whether a couple could be considered to be legally...
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