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Month: October 2017

How long do you have to live in Texas to file for divorce?

Oct 31, 2017
Residency Requirements and the Texas Divorce As Texas (North Texas, particularly) booms commercially and industrially, an increasingly attractive destination for an ever-growing number of companies, relocation for out of state...

A Divorce Attorney Shares His Top 4 Ways to Survive (and Eventually Thrive) during Divorce

Oct 19, 2017
For a successful divorce—oxymoron, I know—decide with all the self-awareness you can muster the least damaging path, emotionally and financially, for you, your spouse, and children, if applicable, to reach...

Why Texas Has Fault and No Fault Divorce

Oct 12, 2017
Last spring, Fort Worth Representative Matthew Krause caused quite a stir, proposing a bill that would make Texas a divorce “fault state.”  Proponents of the bill suggested “fault” would keep...

5 Co-Parenting Considerations BEFORE You Sign the Divorce Decree

Oct 9, 2017
Divorce is such a deep swell of emotion, sometimes couples vastly underestimate the challenges of daily practicalities once the decree is signed.  The mundane daily no longer “shared” tasks may...
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