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Month: October 2019

Staff Profile: Robyn Kelley

Oct 23, 2019
This month, we continue our tradition of a staff member interview—#3! —which will continue each month until every person in our office has been featured!  We are proud to celebrate...

Divorce, Geographic Restriction, and The Long-Distant Parent

Oct 21, 2019
As if divorce weren’t tough enough, throw in long-distance parenting and you’ve got a tricky proposition.  In today’s fast-paced existence, the reality is that both parents aren’t always able to...

Coaching and Divorce Clients

Oct 14, 2019
Coaching is a process which strives to take a situation which is not working as well as it could and make it better.  It looks to the client to take...

Guest Blog: How Family Violence Impacts Divorce – Genesis Women’s Shelter & Support

Oct 14, 2019
Unfortunately, family violence is too common in our world, and it shows up often in divorces. It’s important to understand the different ways it reveals itself, and what can be...
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