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Category: Communication

All Things Mediation

Dec 10, 2019
Very few family law cases end up in a final trial, whether before a jury or before a judge.  Most of the time, parties are able to settle their differences...

Does Social Media Cause Divorce?

Feb 27, 2018
It might be a stretch to say social media causes divorce, but it appears mingling a fragile marriage with social media can, at times, prove toxic. Over recent years, a...

Happy Holidays from Hance Law Group

Dec 22, 2017
The holiday season is here and with it comes a precious opportunity to celebrate family and loved ones. At Hance Law Group, we look forward to cherishing special traditions and...

Right of First Refusal, Part One: What is it and how can it Backfire?

May 18, 2017
The concept sounds perfectly rational—good, in fact—in theory.  If both parties in a divorce settlement understand the agreement and potential results therein, a “Right of First Refusal” within a decree...

Why Do People Really Get Divorced?

Jan 31, 2017
This article was written by Hance Law Group principal Larry Hance. After thirty some odd years as primarily a divorce attorney, enough clients have come through my door on the...

The Cost of Being Difficult

Jul 29, 2016
This article was written by Hance Law Group associate attorney Beverly Via. If I could give one piece of advice to someone getting a divorce, it would simply be, “Don’t...

Social Media During Divorce Proceedings: Proceed with Caution

Jul 21, 2015
This article was written by associate attorney Beverly Ward Via. For many, social media is an important and even essential way to connect with family, friends, and associates. But social...
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