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Category: Mediation

Mediation, Part 2: The Do’s and Don’ts Once You’re There

May 21, 2019
In the first post about mediation, we discussed what mediation actually IS and what it IS NOT. Now you know the basics, the logical follow up is what TO DO...

Mediation, What It Is And What It Isn’t – Part 1

Apr 17, 2019
I hear the word ‘mediation’ tossed around often, and too often I suspect the person doing the talking doesn’t actually fully understand the definition.   Which is okay, this stuff can...

Pre-Litigation Mediation

Jun 7, 2016
This article was written by Hance Law Group principal Larry Hance. Texas is sometimes a state that marches to its own beat, and that’s certainly the case with mediation. Texas...

Forgiveness: A Step Toward Settlement

Nov 7, 2014
Oftentimes in divorce, one or both spouses feel wronged by the other spouse, and that can result in powerful emotions that get in the way of settling a divorce. When...
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