Collaborative Divorce

Do you need to…

  • Minimize your stress and costs during a divorce?
  • Protect your children from the trauma of a litigated divorce?
  • Have control over your divorce, rather than leaving it in a judge’s hands?
  • Find innovative compromises and solutions to keep your divorce out of court?
  • Work with your soon-to-be-ex-spouse to sort out your divorce issues?
  • Collaborate with professionals who can guide you through the process of uncontested divorce?

Collaborative divorce avoids the traditional pitfalls of resolving your divorce in court, such as costly services, lengthy litigation, and inflexible solutions. It instead allows you to keep your divorce calm as you work toward solutions that benefit you and your spouse in your divorce agreement. It also allows you to talk things through with the help of a lawyer, and other specialized professionals, who can assist you in protecting your assets, children, and lifestyle.

Hance Law Group offers comprehensive collaborative divorce services to clients facing divorce. We help you avoid the destruction that traditional litigation can cause and work to find the best solutions for both you and your spouse. If you and your spouse are onboard to try collaborative divorce, you’ll both sign a Collaborative Participation Agreement at the beginning of the process. This agreement ensures both you and your spouse will negotiate in good faith and avoid litigation. We’ll also accompany you to collaborative divorce negotiations, which will allow you and your spouse to sit down and informally, but proactively, discuss resolutions of your divorce. 

Other added benefits of working with Hance Law Group to facilitate a collaborative divorce include:

  • Greater flexibility. Collaborative divorce keeps divorce on your terms. You have complete control over how it plays out, and it gives you the freedom to explore solutions that might not otherwise be available.
  • A network of resources. Our collaborative divorce attorneys have an extensive array of resources that can help you in your negotiations. We will call other third-party, neutral experts in to join your conversation if your case would benefit from it. These usually include financial advisors, mental health professionals, or child specialists.
  • Solution-focused. One of the largest benefits to working with one of our attorneys during collaborative divorce is the special attention to solutions that work for you—your specific interests and goals are front and center. We know how the collaborative divorce process works, and can provide sound legal counsel to help you ensure your divorce terms meet your goals and are clear.
  • Better cooperation. You and your spouse might not have gotten along well while married, but your collaborative divorce allows you to brainstorm ways both of you (and your children) can be safeguarded well into the future. With legal assistance and neutral third parties supporting you every step of the way, you’ll be able to collaborate and cooperate with your ex.
  • Keeping your kids out of a legal battle. If you have children, collaborative divorce is a great way to minimize damage to them caused by divorce or animosity. Collaborative divorce is a completely private process, rather than a public one like traditional litigation. You’ll be able to keep your kids off the battlefield by avoiding it altogether, instead choosing to work on cooperative solutions for the benefit of all. 

Collaborative divorce with the help of Hance Law Group can change your divorce - and your life - for the better. This process often results in more long-term solutions than litigation or contested divorce, especially since both parties agree to its terms willingly. We have helped a variety of clients from different backgrounds find solutions through collaborative divorce, and are more than qualified to give you sound legal counsel that will keep you moving forward.

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