Complex Property Division

Do you need to…

  • Divide property that you and your spouse accumulated during your marriage?
  • Prove that property is yours in a divorce?
  • Understand if you must share your property with your spouse?
  • Work through complex retirement or investment assets?
  • Determine the character of community and separate property?
  • Learn how to deal with a closely held business on divorce?

The complex property decisions you make now can alter the course of your life, career, and divorce. Hance Law Group specializes in helping clients through property issues that arise in the face of divorce (or in pre-marriage planning). With our qualified property attorneys by your side, you’ll be able to comb through years of property records and discover the best plan for dividing them during your divorce. We’ll also help you determine the value of your property to ensure everything is split equally between you and your spouse. 

Below are some of the many services our highly competent divorce attorneys can provide when you’re facing complex property issues:

  • Confirming and proving separate property. Community property is shared among spouses, but you can still retain your own separate property when you’re married. We’ll help you determine what you have a right to before your divorce, so your negotiations or litigation can go smoothly.
  • Valuation of community assets. Divorce is all about splitting up your community property fairly. Our attorneys will help you determine valuation of closely held businesses, partnership interests, retirement accounts, corporate stocks, etc. to ensure a fair divorce agreement.
  • Trial, negotiation or collaboration skills. We employ our trial experience and negotiation and collaboration skills to work in your best interests. Once we’ve gathered and analyzed all the data and created a proposed property division which you’ve approved, we’ll present it to opposing counsel in the negotiation or collaborative process, or to the Court in a final trial, to obtain the best possible outcome. 

With years of experience helping clients through divorce and complex property issues, the attorneys of Hance Law Group are ready to assist you. Our staff will approach your property situation with the care, organization, and attentiveness it needs for an efficient outcome. Let us work for your best solution while you focus on your future - and family. 

To learn more about what Hance Law Group can offer you today, contact our Texas office at (469) 374-9600. We look forward to serving your complex property needs. 

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