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  • Create a parenting plan that will best suit your children?
  • Allocate rights and decision-making power appropriately between you and your spouse?
  • Face a divorce or complicated family legal matter that may affect the custody of your kids?

If so, consider working with the custody attorneys of Hance Law Group. We have years of experience litigating and negotiating successful outcomes for our clients, and always work in your child’s best interests. With our help, you can set up a parenting plan that is most likely to keep your family healthy. We can also fight for your parenting and custody rights, taking your case to court when needed, to ensure your voice is heard. 

In a Texas divorce, most parents are named as Joint Managing Conservator. We can help you understand this role, knowing that it does not mean equal parenting time, or equal decision making, with each parent. If joint managing conservatorship is not appropriate in your situation, we will negotiate or litigate on your behalf, fighting for a more restrictive schedule due to your legitimate concerns or objectives. 

Hance Law Group has been serving clients facing custody issues for decades. Trust us to fight for the plan that best fits your - and your children’s - needs. To start working with an expert custody attorney today, contact our office at (469) 374-9600.

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