“Kitchen Table”

This is simply direct negotiation between the parties. This can work well if both parties are at a high-functioning point in their lives, are honest with each other, are effective at communications with each other, and the issues in their divorce are fairly simple. This can be done just between the parties, or with the outside support of other professionals, such as financial, mental health or attorneys.

Our attorneys are available to represent you on a consulting basis, if you decide to try the "kitchen table" process, as opposed to a full-service basis, in appropriate circumstances.

Traditional full-service representation places the lawyer in charge of the case, with the client involved in only the major aspects of the representation. In limited scope representation (or what we sometimes call a consulting relationship), the lawyer is more of a partner, and the extent of the partnership is largely determined by the client's ability to perform and desire to share responsibility. If the client is highly motivated and has the time, background, and ability, he or she can serve as a true partner in the representation, sharing responsibility, and utilizing the lawyer's skills in the most efficient way.

As part of a consulting relationship to the "kitchen table" process, we can review the parties' agreements, draft the appropriate paperwork, and complete the final divorce or modification process. Please remember that we can only represent one party in the matter and cannot give legal advice to the other side.


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