Divorce: Are you sure?

Before we help you understand the basics of the divorce process, it seems worthwhile to spend a few minutes making sure you should seek a divorce. It may seem like your marriage is hopeless today, but are you sure divorce is the only option—or even the best one?

Divorce is a painful, difficult experience which often has shattering effects on people’s emotions, finances, and familial relationships. Of course, some marriages are destined to end due to chronic abuse, addiction, fundamentally incompatible goals or morals, or major changes in one or both spouses’ lives or personalities. But is this true for every marriage that ends in divorce?

If you are considering divorce, remember that this decision will deeply change the lives of your spouse, your children, your parents, and extended family and friends—as well as your own. Divorce is not something to be decided hastily. Ask yourself if you’ve made sufficient efforts to see if your marriage can be saved before you file for divorce.

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