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  • A legal advocate who fights for you during an emotionally difficult or volatile divorce?
  • Someone who you can trust to clearly present your case and advocate for you in the courtroom?
  • A trusted team of litigators who are respected by Judges for their integrity and knowledge?

In divorce litigation, lawyers and clients use the public courts to resolve issues that arise in their cases, and ultimately let the judge make the final decision. It’s an unfortunate fact that litigation often leads to verbal combat and a difficult atmosphere, especially as each party’s attorneys fight for each point and spouses abstain from contact outside the courtroom. But contrary to popular belief, litigation is still the most common way of obtaining a divorce today (although most settle before they go all the way to trial). That’s why it takes experienced divorce litigation attorneys to help you navigate the process, speed up your outcome and lessen your attorney’s fees, and expertly advocate for you during your divorce proceedings. 

The divorce litigation attorneys of Hance Law Group can help you achieve the best possible outcome in your divorce. We fully understand that a contested divorce can be the source of stress, and take every step toward lessening that burden with experience and resources. In fact, our divorce lawyers will help you:

  • Advocate for your objectives. For example, if you want temporary child support while your divorce is pending but your spouse refuses to pay for it, we’ll use your circumstances and our knowledge of the law and courts to determine how we can achieve this objective. We’ll make requests of the court based on your unique needs.
  • Complete the necessary legal steps to close your litigation. From beginning to end, our divorce litigation attorneys will help you move through the divorce and litigation processes. We’ll help you through “discovery,” during which our lawyers will gather information about your and your spouse’s case. We’ll also prepare the necessary paperwork and provide you with step-by-step guidance so you know upfront which hearings, preparation methods, and expenses will be required of you.
  • Handle a high-conflict divorce. In litigation, emotional stresses can bring out the worst in both sides—and sometimes that’s a very ugly “worst.” Our lawyers will stay calm, keep your case moving forward and stay focused on your goals, regardless of the level of animosity that exists between you and your spouse.

The attorneys at Hance Law Group practice litigation in our clients’ cases every single day. We have been helping clients who need litigation services for years, and know exactly what it will take for you to achieve your objectives. We implement proven strategies as well as tailored solutions to ensure your litigation is productive - not destructive.  At the same time, we’re always watching for an opportunity to resolve your divorce along the way, saving you additional financial and emotional resources wherever possible.

To learn more about working with a divorce litigation attorney from Hance Law Group today, simply contact our Texas office at (469) 374-9600. We look forward to serving your legal needs.

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