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Hance Law Group is focused on providing the best results possible for our clients in all areas of Family Law. Family Law in Texas basically includes divorce, marriage and a variety of legal matters involving children. We continuously increase our knowledge and procedures to be at the top of the Family Law Bar in the following areas of practice:

Complex Property Division

Hance Law Group specializes in helping clients through complex property issues that arise in the face of divorce (or in pre-marriage planning).

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Our experienced divorce litigation attorneys help you navigate the process, speed up your outcome and lessen your attorney’s fees, and expertly advocate for you during your divorce proceedings.

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Pre-Marital & Post-Marital Agreements

These legal contracts define your, and your future spouse’s rights as to the assets and income you currently own, as well as property you may acquire during your marriage.

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Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative divorce avoids the traditional pitfalls of resolving your divorce in court, such as costly services, lengthy litigation, and inflexible solutions.

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We have years of experience litigating and negotiating successful outcomes, always working in your child’s best interests. We can help set up a parenting plan to keep your family healthy.

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Same Sex Divorce & Parenting Rights

We’re one of the few firms that specialize in same-sex marriage and cohabitation agreements, helping clients with same-sex relationship counsel in Texas for decades.

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Grandparent Access

If you’re a grandparent looking to learn your rights, we can help. Our team is knowledgeable in assisting grandparents in gaining the rights they need to properly care for their grandchildren.

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When you establish paternity, you might gain rights to your children or obtain child support from an ex. In either situation, Hance Law Group can help.

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