Do you need to…

  • Prove your paternity to exercise your custody or parenting rights?
  • Establish a significant other’s paternity to obtain child support or other financial expectations?
  • Use genetic testing to support your claims of paternity?
  • Ensure your children have a safe and cared-for future?
  • Help someone prove their paternity?

When you establish paternity, you might gain rights to your children or obtain child support from an ex. In either situation, Hance Law Group can help. We’ve served clients all over Texas who need to establish paternity in order to take responsibility for their children or gain access to them. 

At Hance Law Group, we believe in putting your children first. That’s why we work in their best interests while providing assistance to:

  • Mothers who need child support. If your ex or significant other is denying providing you child support on the basis of paternity, you can fight for your rights. Our lawyers will help you establish paternity and demand child support from the responsible parties.
  • Fathers who need custody or visitation rights. If the mother of your children is denying you access to your children, you can establish your credibility and make court motions to exercise your rights. Our lawyers will help you obtain paternity tests, draft motions and appeals, and more.
  • Grandparents who want visitation or custody rights. Parents aren’t the only ones affected by paternity. If you want to prove your child’s paternity to your grandchildren, you may be entitled to custody or visitation rights.

When you need legal services that work in the best interest of your children while fighting for your rights, call on Hance Law Group. We’ll make sure you follow the appropriate steps to establish paternity and exercise your rights to child support, visitation, and custody. 

To begin working with one of our qualified paternity attorneys today, contact our office by phone at (469) 374-9600. 

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