Same Sex Divorce & Parenting Rights

Do you need…

  • To find family legal solutions as a same-sex individual or couple?
  • A divorce or partner dissolution between you and your same-sex spouse?
  • A cohabitation agreement for you and your same-sex significant other?
  • To face the challenges Texas presents toward same-sex couples in divorce?
  • To discover your rights and responsibilities in your relationship?

Texas recognizes divorce among same-sex couples due to the U.S. Supreme court ruling in Obergefell, but the courts are not always that friendly or flexible.  With the help of a knowledgeable attorney like those at Hance Law Group, you can work through or around those potential hurdles.   Also, we’ve worked with the issues which occur relative to marriages which occurred prior to the supreme court case, including how Texas courts deal with the “legal” date of marriage.  

Hance Law Group has helped clients needing same-sex relationship counsel in Texas for decades. We can help you:

  • Pursue a divorce, including dealing with property and children. Since the Supreme Court ruling, a same sex divorce should proceed just the same as an opposite sex divorce.  However, because same sex divorce was not legal for years, there are some complex issues, such as determining the date of marriage, and how to deal with common law marriage claims.
  • Draft a cohabitation agreement. If you choose to cohabitate with your partner without marriage, we’ll help you draft a cohabitation agreement to ensure your rights are protected. A cohabitation agreement will create your rights regarding assets as well as assign responsibilities regarding debts. 
  • Premarital agreements.  If you are planning to marry, you should consult with an attorney about the impact the marriage may have on your assets, or future inheritance.  A premarital agreement may be important for you.
  • Prevent common law marriage. Although it might sound good in theory, creating a common law marriage can occur without your intent. It could result in your significant other obtaining rights to your assets. A properly drafted cohabitation agreement by Hance Law Group will prevent this. 
  • Obtain parenting rights. If you’ve adopted a child or had a biological child, it’s important to know your rights as a parent in the event of a partner dissolution, or divorce. Your significant other (or you) could have rights to the children, depending on the length of the relationship with the child and the amount of actual care and custody you’ve each had with the child. Our family law attorneys are experienced in developing parenting plans that best fit your needs and protect your parental rights - even if you are not the biological or adoptive parent.
  • Set financial and other important expectations. When you cohabitate with your partner, it’s important to plan for the future. Even if you never expect to split up, making a cohabitation agreement can help you avoid conflict in the future and protect your rights as a parent or individual.

When you need sound legal counsel and the ability to protect your future in the event of a divorce or partner dissolution, trust Hance Law Group. We’re one of the few firms in the area that specializes in same-sex marriage and cohabitation agreements. Our lawyers will help you learn your rights and safeguard yourself against future conflict.

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