Divorce should build your future, not destroy your past.

Divorce marks the ending of a marriage-that is certain. But how it ends makes all the difference in beginning the next stage of your life. At Hance Law Group, we believe in educating, guiding and empowering our clients through a divorce process that successfully prepares them for the future. Too often, divorce as we know it causes the destruction of much that a married couple has built over the years-not only tangible assets but intangible ones, too, such as relationships, self-esteem, dignity and respect. Divorce-at-all-costs creates casualties, and does little to help individuals make the transition to being single again.

Relentlessly protecting our clients' interests and pursuing a divorce process that brings peace of mind are not mutually exclusive at Hance Law Group. We parlay a deep understanding of the law, respectful relationships with judges and longstanding experience with other lawyers into effective results for our clients. Our goal is always to achieve the best possible outcome for clients with the least possible emotional and financial turmoil.

While some family lawyers focus on the technical aspects of family law, we focus on the human ones. We listen carefully to understand what your ultimate goals are for the divorce, whether they are protecting children, preserving a business, or fairly distributing assets you've acquired during marriage. Once we know your priorities, we can advise you on the kind of divorce process that can best accomplish your goals. Hance Law Group offers an arsenal of ways to protect your interests, including litigation, collaborative divorce and mediation.

Ultimately, the most favorable resolution of divorce results from making sound decisions along the way, such as choosing the right process, gathering the historical information, and preparing for hearings and negotiations, among others. Hance Law Group equips you to make the best strategic decisions, always keeping your priorities and goals in mind.

Divorce is an unfamiliar and foreign experience for most clients; it is something you learn only by going through it. By educating our clients, guiding their decisions, and ceaselessly advocating for their interests, we strive to make them feel comfortable and confident. At Hance Law Group, we are positive and hopeful people by nature. We serve our clients best when we achieve settlements that allow you to embrace the future rather than dwell on the past.

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