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Coming to grips with divorce is an individual matter.

Individuals contemplating a divorce come to Hance Law Group at many different points. Some seek our counsel in advance of beginning the divorce process to gain valuable information and perspective. Others meet with us when it becomes sadly apparent that their marriage is no longer viable and they wonder about their options. Still others come in distress after a traumatic incident or revelation in their marriage.

Regardless of when you contact us, we begin by understanding your feelings and desires. Strong emotions can be present at the start, and we help make sure they do not cloud decisions that can have far-reaching impact. Sometimes the desire for short-term “wins” are in conflict with long-term goals, so we concentrate on the really important things—the priorities that will make the most difference for you and your children’s future.

We help our high wage-earner clients see how they can meet their personal objectives while assuring that their children continue to live at an appropriate economic level after the divorce. This can be done by taking advantage of tax opportunities, and will always be done in a way which allows for changes in the future based on unanticipated circumstances.

We also help our “primary parent” clients continue to function in that role (to the extent possible), and create a series of financial and lifestyle transitions which allow them to move more reasonably into their post-divorce world. We do this by negotiating for needed cash flow when it is available, and involving other professional support such as career planners, wardrobe advisors, financial planners, home refinance professionals and many others.

For our clients who have attorneys involved in other aspects of their lives, such as business or estate planning, we work closely with those professionals to make sure our work doesn’t conflict with theirs, and to maximize the outcome for our clients. We also frequently work with our clients’ agents, representatives, and wealth management advisors to make sure their entire life is taken into consideration in the divorce process and results. In addition, we encourage our clients to be in counseling during their divorce (if they are not already) and find it very helpful to develop a close working relationship with our client’s therapist.

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